Crowley Millar has been advising both corporations and commercial clients on insurance-related matters for the last thirty years. Our proven expertise in the area is founded upon the wealth of knowledge and years of experience of our team which is headed by our Managing Partner, Hugh J. Millar.

We provide advice to the largest insurers and insurance brokers in the country and advise commercial clients on their insurance requirements, rights and obligations and the application of applicable policies.

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Areas of Expertise

Insurance Recovery

Our team acts for various insurers in subrogation claims i.e. the recovery of outlay from third parties following payment under policies of insurance. The skills and determination of our insurance recovery team have returned countless successful subrogated claims for recovery resulting in significant sums recovered for our principle insurers.

Insurance recovery has become a vital tool in the arm of insurers seeking to offset the payment of claims under policies of insurance and the expert knowledge of our recovery solicitors has allowed our clients to maximise the recovery potential from an otherwise event of loss.

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Personal Injury Defense

We act on behalf of a range of insurers in the defence of personal injury claims. With the increase in the dismissal of personal injury claims for the submission of exaggerated and fraudulent evidence, our expert analysis and defence of personal injury claims has provided a significant saving for our clients with respect to bogus or exaggerated claims.

Given the increase in personal injuries claims and the specialist knowledge required to successfully defend the claims, the value in the expertise and experience of our team in dealing with such claims over many years cannot be underestimated. The detailed advice provided by our team to insurers has ensured that reserves are at all times adequately calculated and claims resolved in the most economically efficient manner possible.

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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a hugely significant issue for all professionals in private practice. In recent years, litigation against insured professionals has increased dramatically. With the heightened risk of litigation against insured professionals and the increased number of claims made, the importance of expert advice from experienced practitioners cannot be understated.

Our unrivalled expertise in professional indemnity litigation has cemented our position as the leading law firm in the area in Ireland. We advise insurers in the defence of a range of professional indemnity claims across various professions. We take a robust approach to the defence of all professional indemnity claims, many of which are opportunistic in nature. We undertake the investigation of these claims and offer definitive advice to insurers on how to manage these claims to the most economic conclusion available.

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