Media & Public Affairs

Crowley Millar is a leading media law firm composed of lawyers who combine the in-depth legal knowledge with the expertise required to give clients unparalleled advice via the Public Affairs Department headed by Simon Carty.

Simon has spent over fifteen years representing household individuals and entities in the areas of entertainment, sports and the arts, particularly Simon’s association with Brendan O’Carroll and his production companies Boc-Pix Limited, Boc-Flix Limited and the Mrs. Brown’s Boys project generally.

Simon’s clientele also includes established musicians, leading television writers, directors and performers, film directors, television presenters, actors and comedians. The Public Affairs Department specialise in providing not just legal assistance but business advice in general.

Public Affairs

Crowley Millar bring a wealth of collective knowledge and experience to provide clients with creative solutions in relation to all public affairs matters dealing with everything from local government to international partnerships.

Our solicitors have experience in the workings of tribunal enquiries and our Litigation Department is well versed in institutional law and judicial review challenges, together with international arrest warrants, extradition cases and the enforcement of international judgments.

With the introduction of the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015, Crowley Millar are expertly placed to advise clients in relation to the requirements of all interactions with public bodies and the obligations requirements arising as a result thereof.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Court actions including judicial review
  • Engagement with Public Bodies and Government at both a national and local level
  • Representation and involvement before Tribunals of Enquiry and Oireachtas (Ireland’s National Parliament) and Committees of Investigation
  • Representation and advice regarding professional disciplinary body
  • International investment
  • Immigration and passport applications
  • Lobbying advice and public strategies

Defamation/Pre-Publication Requirements/Reputation Protection

Our experience and expertise with clients across the media entertainment and creative industries have clarified how damaging stories can affect the brand or career of an individual. Crowley Millar provide a comprehensive service when it comes to protecting our clients’ reputation and privacy and safeguarding their interests.

We are also aware of the requirements for publishers and artists in relation to be certain about a broadcast or publication and the importance of ensuring whether anything damaging will be communicated. We understand the necessity to balance the requirements of pre-publication and pre-broadcast with the requirements of artists, journalists and writers with freedom of expression.

Our solicitors have successfully prosecuted many defamation actions ensuring our clients’ good name is restored and we have defended actions in front of the Irish court system in relation to defamation actions.

We have knowledge and experience in relation to the Press Ombudsman, the Press Council, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and have formed networks with various publishers and broadcasters. Therefore, we can deal with issues that might arise regarding defamation and breach of confidence and other legal risks.

As one of Ireland’s leading litigation practices, we are also involved in disputes requiring investigation in relation to clients’ rights and obligations regarding the disclosure of information by way of discovery, data subject access request, data protection and freedom of information request.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Pre-publication advice to publishers, writers and broadcasters
  • Defence of defamation proceedings
  • Issue of defamation proceedings
  • Injunctions to prevent broadcast and publication
  • Advice regarding privacy and human rights
  • Discovery, data protection and freedom of limitation

Live Events/Theatre

We advise on all legal and commercial issues involving the structure, staging and promotion of all types of live events including light music, comedy shows, theatre productions, conferences and exhibitions.

Crowley Millar can advise you on all required contracts, investment agreements including team agreements through to the contracts necessary to retain various cast and crew. For years we have acted for the internationally renowned Riverdance Live Show and the constantly touring Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Show which has toured through the UK, Ireland and Australia.

We are also able to advise you on how to put the best structures in place for the payment and return of income and retention of various contractors and employees.

Our solicitors can also advise you on various merchandise ancillary sales and secondary routes of income in relation to all live show together with spin-off rights.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Contracts regarding live shows
  • Advice regarding structures to manage income
  • Exploitation of intellectual property and secondary and tertiary rights regarding income
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • General advices on taxation and international agreements
  • Insurance and legal requirements

Film/TV Production

We have unparalleled experience in relation to both film and TV production. Our Department head, Simon Carty is a member of the production team on the most successful TV series of the last ten years Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Simon is involved in every aspect of the show from pre-production and pre-broadcast to the necessary contracts for staff, cast and broadcasters together with the exploitation of all intellectual and secondary rights arising from the programme.

Simon was also involved in the most successful Irish film of the last ten years Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie by guiding legal teams in both UK and Ireland in putting together one of the most complicated Ireland and Great Britain film co-production ever. This included advising in relation to Section 481 and the Tax Reliefs available in the United Kingdom.

We are uniquely placed to advice in relation to all aspects including but not exclusively financing for film and television projects.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Financing to include advising on Section 481 – Film and TV – tax credit
  • Co-Productions with other countries best placed to raise finance and credit
  • Raising finance via other methods including investors and lenders and various grants of film and TV finance incentives
  • Advice on filming in Ireland (and elsewhere) including contractual requirements and negotiations with individuals, unions and trade bodies
  • Advice on pre-production TV and production development and options
  • Protection of intellectual property


Digital Media

Our Media and Public Affairs Department, working in unison with our Commercial Law Department, are available to provide all legal advice and guidelines that our clients require in the always evolving digital world.

Crowley Millar can handle all the legal and commercial requirements involved regarding digital media.

Simon Carty has the required expertise in relation to intellectual property and can assist regarding the publication in the digital world. Crowley Millar have the necessary experience and expertise in relation to digital content licensing regarding music licensing, web-posting and development agreements. We have worked with the BBC, Netflix, RTE (The Irish State Broadcasting Station) and ITV.

We also have expertise in intellectual property infringement on the internet and particularly take downs regarding social media to include but not exclusively Facebook and Twitter, especially removal of hate speech and intellectual property infringements.

Our Media and Public Affairs Department, coupled with our Commercial Law Department, are also involved in many start-ups in the digital world, particularly the gaming industry and can give advice in relation to requirements regarding the launch across many platforms of various digital games.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Intellectual property advice
  • How to best utilise Ireland’s 13.5% corporate tax rate
  • Finance and Investor relationship
  • Engagement with social media providers to ensure that defamatory or damaging publications are removed
  • Advice regarding social media policies
  • Music, film and TV licensing


Our Media and Public Affairs Department are well versed to advice clients in relation to hotels, retail and leisure. Crowley Millar is a multi-disciplinary practice with specialist knowledge and expertise in property, commercial law, local authority planning, public affairs and licensing together with court applications for licensing thereof.

In such circumstances, we can provide legal advice and transactional support to property companies, hotel chains, foreign investors and entrepreneurs on both sides of all transactions.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with various licensed premises, development of night clubs and the purchase development and resale of hotels and leisure centres and golf clubs. We are commercially aware and will find effective solutions for clients for every transaction.

Crowley Millar can advise on everything from property acquisitions to prime building conversions, joint venture arrangements, partnership, financing, leasing and outsourcing together with the contract necessary to execute the contracts necessary in the management of hotels, retail and leisure endeavours. Our Public Affairs Department are able to advice in relation to all governmental and legal requirements regarding such endeavours.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Property law advice
  • Licences and planning advices and requisite court applications
  • Commercial Agreements including Partnership Agreements and Shareholders Agreements
  • Engagement with Shareholders such as The Planning Authority, Gardaí (Ireland’s National Police Force) and The Fire Authority
  • Club membership and data protection
  • Transfer of undertakings and the issues arising around employees and existing contracts