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Our technology practice has progressed from advising companies on the development and licensing of software to strategic considerations critical to their ongoing success. As companies grow and their commercial base expands, we understand that I.T. is both an essential market place tool and a weapon for continuing success.

We provide advice in a number of technologically related areas including e-commerce, distance selling and online retail, all matters relating to software including development, licensing, shared and collaboration agreements. We can also advise on website terms and conditions together with privacy policies and all related website hosting/licensing/domain name issues.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Data Protection and compliance
  • Liability for website and social media content
  • Website & App legal issues
  • Domain name registrations
  • Doman name disputes
  • Privacy law
  • Wearable technology and privacy in employment
  • Freedom of Information
  • Software licensing
  • Technology Agreements
  • M&A’s and corporate governance

We understand that the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) is essential to many individuals, start-ups and established companies continued success. We also understand the need to tailor your intellectual property strategies, and to obtain related protection, to exploit and enforce your IP.

In assisting you to commercialise your IP, we can advise on all aspects of protection such as trademark and patent filings (domestically and abroad), oppositions and invalidity actions, on ownership, licensing, royalties & acquisitions, on franchising and on collaboration and joint venture agreements in which IP plays a most prominent role. As well as providing a comprehensive IP package, our areas of expertise include:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Industrial Designs
  • Trade Secrets
  • Know-How & breach of confidence
  • Passing Off
  • Bringing and defending infringement claims

If you require IP advice, please contact Macdara Norris at