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We have unparalleled experience in relation to both film and TV production. Our Department head, Simon Carty is a member of the production team on the most successful TV series of the last ten years Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Simon is involved in every aspect of the show from pre-production and pre-broadcast to the necessary contracts for staff, cast and broadcasters together with the exploitation of all intellectual and secondary rights arising from the programme.

Simon was also involved in the most successful Irish film of the last ten years Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie by guiding legal teams in both UK and Ireland in putting together one of the most complicated Ireland and Great Britain film co-production ever. This included advising in relation to Section 481 and the Tax Reliefs available in the United Kingdom.

We are uniquely placed to advice in relation to all aspects including but not exclusively financing for film and television projects.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Financing to include advising on Section 481 – Film and TV – tax credit
  • Co-Productions with other countries best placed to raise finance and credit
  • Raising finance via other methods including investors and lenders and various grants of film and TV finance incentives
  • Advice on filming in Ireland (and elsewhere) including contractual requirements and negotiations with individuals, unions and trade bodies
  • Advice on pre-production TV and production development and options
  • Protection of intellectual property

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